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By fully utilizing the power of today’s computer processors, “Virtualization” has emerged as an increasingly popular IT solution that enables multiple operating systems to run on a single computer or server. Cross-platform Virtualization allows software platforms to work independent of the hardware with the sharing of computer resources across multiple environments.

Virtualization allows us to offer your business . . .

  • Greater overall flexibility and scalability in your IT infrastructure
  • Significant improvement in the availability of applications within your organization
  • Higher efficiency and utilization of computing resources with the potential to reduce hardware capital costs
  • Streamlined support and administration of fewer servers and hardware platforms across multiple software environments
  • Greater system redundancy and fault tolerance across platforms
  • Improved backup and data recovery, with the ability to backup entire system environments
  • Faster deployment of desktops with fewer support issues due to application conflicts
  • 40-60% reduction in overall capital and operating IT costs are not uncommon

Whether implementing platform Virtualization, virtual VPN or other levels of Virtualization, HWT has a well-trained technical staff with the expertise to successfully deploy the right solution.

Contact us today us at 984-5599 or click here to find out how Virtualization can benefit your business!

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